A lot of things have changed in Indiid in the past month, but few are visible on the surface.

Indiid is now running on new servers, with new infrastructure, new deployment methods, and with many of the third-party software libraries it relies on updated to new versions. This should help us to improve Indiid in a more subtle and gradual way from now on - fewer large updates, and many more small updates focusing on a few features. The site should also be faster, especially after an update.

The only remaining large-scale change is to update the design of Indiid’s pages. We’re currently using an older version of Bootstrap and too many of the most important pages are either fiddly or confusing. Over the next month or so we should be updating each application’s design.

The many internal changes caused by updating to more modern third-party software may have caused a few glitches here and there - please let us know if you spot any, and we’ll try to iron them out.