We’ve updated the Login app a few times this week to add one significant new feature and to fix a few bugs.

New Feature: Indiid now has a new Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, which replaces the rather limited form of SSO we’ve had for the last year. After logging in you’ll get a persistent session that allows you to log in to other sites without having to re-enter your password or other credentials.

What makes our SSO a little different is the amount of flexibility it has: rather than simply being on or off, you’ll be able to customise how it behaves. Organisations will also be able to configure how SSO works with their destinations. We’ll gradually add various settings to configure SSO.

You can see your SSO status at https://indiid.net/login/sessions

Fixes: The over-enthusiastic security check that would sometimes immediately lock out new accounts has been fixed, and some e-resources should no longer be shown as getting huge Debug profiles (which were never sent) rather than the tiny EResource profiles they actually receive.

Next we’ll tidy up the top navigation and status menu bar, so that it works properly with SSO sessions in all Indiid apps.