We’ve recently made a lot of internal improvements to the way Indiid application sessions work, and this has helped us to tidy up the status part of the top navigation menu bar. The login/logout buttons been replaced by less intrusive menus and there’s a new SSO status display.

We’ve added the SSO display to show you whether or not SSO is currently active and to show the active SSO persona (the account you’ll be automatically logged in as). This doesn’t have to be the same as the account you’ve previously used to log into the Indiid applications, so you could be organising groups using Indiid with one account while logging into research wikis via SSO with another.

The new logout menu items will give you the option of logging out of SSO at the same time as logging out of the Indiid applications.

There are also improved menu items for clearing your SSO session, viewing session details, and going directly to various account settings.

The Info pages don’t currently pickup your Indiid app login status correctly but we should have that fixed later this week.