The Organise app won’t be much use unless we can actually share the information it creates - groups, special entitlements, organisation information, and so on.

Attributes are fragments of information about a user that can be shared with other sites and services. Typically they have a type (such as “mail”) and one or more values.

We refer to groups of these attributes as a “profile”. You can think of them as little business cards. At the moment we’ll generate a basic set of them for you but eventually you’ll be able to create your own.

So far we’ve only been sharing a few anonymous attributes: an id for the user that’s unique to each website (such as “7YqDaTeg2dZhHDANugi+T3lxo4s“, and an affiliation of “”

Indiid can now share information about group membership, email address, your display name, Indiid username, and technical information and itself.

When you log in to a website you’ll be able to choose which compatible profile to share with it. At the moment we’ll pick the only compatible profile for you, but you can choose to stop logging in if you don’t consent to sharing that information. All attributes about to be shared will be shown when logging in.

Most academic websites will only require the most minimal set of attributes - just unique, private ID and “” affiliation, but research and collaboration websites may ask for more.