We’ve just deployed a new version of Indiid Organise. This one shows much more of how the finished service will work. Organise will bring many of the features of a “Virtual Organisation” service to Indiid, and a lot of Indiid’s future functionality will be built on top of it.

At the moment Organise is functional but please don’t rely on it yet! There’s currently almost no way to extract the information it generates, the URL format will change, and the data may be reset with the next release. It’s currently only available as a preview service so we can get feedback on features and the user-interface design.

Organise will allow Indiid members to create and manage a wide variety of online communities. Groups are the simplest and most common community type, and can by created by Plus or Pro subscribers. Pro subscribers can also create Organisations, which can contain groups and have associated special services.

Group membership can be passed on as attributes to services you log into, or be exported by group owners for integration with other services such as mailing lists. Attributes aren’t currently shared with destinations when logging in but we’ll get that working soon. Exports will be simple file-based downloads to start with, and later we hope to offer smart integrations with other services.

A lot of Indiid’s more advanced functionality will be accessed via Organise - we’ll be using groups to manage access to features rather than building them in to the Accounts app.

And no, we can’t spell “Organize/Organise” consistently yet.